FTC108 – MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint has become the premier presentation software format in the business and educational sectors. By harnessing the power of PowerPoint you will capture your audience’s attention and communicate your idea more effectively. This is an essential tool for any leader.  MS PowerPoint allows you to create an electronic slide show presentation that gives you an incredible amount of flexibility. You can create your own animations and transitions for your slides.

FTC’s MS PowerPoint course will not only show you how to deliver a basic presentation with authority and professionalism but in the advanced course you will learn how to apply themes and templates as well as graphics, tables and multimedia content.

These courses are delivered in partnership with cutting-edge ITC training providers and the relevant specialists in this field. FTC’s Quality Management Assurance ensures that the client continues to receive the highest quality service.

FTC’s offers 2 Courses in MS PowerPoint, dependant on the level of the participant i.e.

  1. MS PowerPoint Basic
  2. MS PowerPoint AdvancedBusiness Convention Question and Answer

MS PowerPoint Basic Course

Topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • New Presentations
  • Formatting Slides
  • Drawing Objects
  • Graphics
  • Modifying Presentations
  • Proofing and Delivering Presentations

2.   MS PowerPoint Advanced Course

Topics include:

  • Custom Presentation Options
  • Graphic and Multimedia Content
  • Customising Smartart Graphics and Tables
  • Action Buttons and Custom Slide Shows
  • Distributing a Presentation
  • Integrating Microsoft Office Files

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at people who want to gain basic, advanced and intermediate knowledge of how to work with MS PowerPoint 2007/2010 in their daily work endeavours.