FTC80 – Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning Outcomes (US: 7978)

US Title: Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning Outcomes

US No.: 7978

15 credits [Core]

NQF Level: 5

On completion of this course, practitioners will be able to conduct assessments within their fields of expertise in line with the Criteria for the Registration of Assessors. In particular, candidates will have achieved the following specific outcomes:

  • Plan and prepare for assessment,
  • Prepare candidates for assessment,
  • Conduct assessment,
  • Evaluate and record evidence and make assessment judgements, and
  • Provide feedback to relevant parties.
Course content

Understanding Assessment

In the previous education system, many people had negative perceptions of assessment, seeing it as being a judgment on the learner. As facilitators of learning, one of the dilemmas we face is how to assess actual learner performance and achievement in meaningful ways. We need to see assessment as a learning opportunity rather than a judgement of learners in the negative sense.

In the past, assessment was merely a test, or an examination, to check whether learners knew facts, e.g. did they know their Maths tables and their recitations? So, previously the role of facilitators was to teach, and the role of learners was to learn. Outcomes-based assessment requires facilitators to play a more active role in the process of learning. Now assessment has become part of learning.

Topics in this course include:

  • Plan and prepare for assessment.
  • Prepare candidates for assessment.
  • Conduct assessment and document evidence.
  • Evaluate evidence and make assessment judgments.
  • Evaluate evidence and make assessment judgments.
  • Review assessment.

Who should attend this course?

The Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning Outcomes course is an accessible way for existing or aspirant community development workers to obtain a basic qualification in the field.