FTC72 – Theories and Principles of Development Practice Course (US: 110058)

US Title: Demonstrate a critical understanding of theories and principles of transformative development practice.

US No.: 110058

8 credits [Core]

NQF Level: 5

In order to gain competence, practitioners will review development practice projects in terms of theories and principles of transformative development practice that apply to broader society and to local community groups. They will  design and evaluative programmes for development practice projects and use the information to inform future project design in ways that are in line with community principles and dynamics. More specifically, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and explain factors that impact on macro and micro layers of society
  • Identify and explain factors that impact on development practice projects, and
  • Identify and critique strategies and policies of transformative development.
Course content
Theories of transformative development practice ‘Transformative development’ is about developing a critical awareness in someone that brings about a positive change. There are different theories of how this happens and what is involved. A suggested method for bringing about a critical awareness was proposed by Paulo Freire and includes:

  • Getting groups actively involved in a process of change,
  • Breaking through apathy, and
  • Developing critical awareness of the causes of problems.

The underlying principles of the above process are:

  • There are different levels of consciousness or awareness,
  • There is a direct link between emotion and motivation to act,
  • The fact that all real liberation and development must rise from the grassroots up, and
  • Involve ‘experts’ to assist with the process.

Topics in this course include:

  • Community development practice
  • Theories on basic human needs
  • Defining community development
  • Different types of development
  • Planning development
  • Community empowerment
  • Sustainable development
  • Role players in development

Who should attend this course?

The Transformative Development Practice Course is an accessible way for existing or aspirant community development workers to obtain a basic qualification in the field.