FTC90 – Professional Writing Skills

This course is based on the premise that clear thinking is the foundation for effective business writing. It presents a professional writing process that will enable participants to write well-structured documents that communicate clearly and concisely.

In the course, participants will be taken through the process of planning, drafting, revising and editing professional business documents. In addition, they learn to conduct online research and incorporate this information into their documents.

Units in this course

Unit 1: A professional approach to writing Introducing a professional writing process to ascertain the aim and the audience and to structure and write documents clearly and concisely.

Unit 2: Technical accuracy in writing
Perfecting the use of words, sentences, headings and paragraphs; examining punctuation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary to improve business writing skills.

Unit 3: Write great reports
Applying the professional writing process to produce reports of the highest quality.

Unit 4: Correspond with confidence
Developing the skills to produce excellent formal business letters, internal office memoranda and business faxes.

Unit 6: Internet writing skillsUnit 5: Write for productive meetings
Covering the various forms of documentation needed for before, during and after formal and informal meetings. Notices, agendas, minutes and much more.

Refining skills for effective Internet use from sending and receiving emails to using the Internet to find information, making useful notes and translating these notes into professional business documents.

Who should attend this course?

This course is specifically designed for managers and administrators who need to sharpen a range of English language writing skills and techniques.
writing skills and techniques.