FTC92 – Anti-Bias and Diversity for Expatriates Working and Living in Multi-Cultural Contexts

This training course is designed to assist participants to develop critical thinking about diversity, identity and culture. It aims at building unity in diversity and to build social solidarity.

The uniqueness of this course is that it draws on ubuntu, a unique African philosophy that has international applications for promoting harmony amongst people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Although the course focuses on the workplace, it can also be applied to life in general.

Topics covered in this course

  • Understanding Organizational Cultures and working in teams
  • Key inter-cultural differences
  • Understanding the issues of culture, diversity and identity.
  • The Angolan culture and its impact on a multi-cultural working environment
  • Exploring culture and cross cultural communication barriers and solutions.
  • Reflect on the biases, attitudes and behaviours of oneself and others which may result in unfair discrimination.
  • Becoming aware of the different types and levels of unfair discrimination that exists in society, through reflecting on your personal experiences.
  • Describing the role and responsibility of an organisation in managing diversity.
  • Understanding the role of leaders and managers in promoting anti-bias practices and human resource management techniques in culturally diverse environments
  • Describing the roles and responsibilities of the individual in creating a harmonious work environment in one that is culturally diverse.
  • Exploring issues in a specific workplace in order to suggest ways of managing diversity.