FTC37 – Business Administration

This training course is designed to develop skills for the efficient and effective administrative and financial running of a department in a large company, a small company, business or organisation.

Topics covered in this course include: 

  • Responding effectively to customer needs (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Management and administration of People, Process and Product (PPP).
  • Administration of financial systems and processes including:
  • Understanding budget control and forecasting 
  • Analysing financial status
  • Identifying methods to do budget forecasting. 
  • Knowing and applying effective and efficient administration systems including:
  • Managing and administering an organisation, business, department and / or an office effectively and efficiently 
  • Developing systems to ensure control and transparency – Having confidence in your administrative and           management systems 

Who should attend this course?

This Business Administration Course is aimed at all those individuals who serve an administrative role in any company, organisation or business and who want to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. It will also benefit those seeking a career in this field.

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