FTC38 – Business Contract Management and Administration

Our Business Contract Management and Administration course is designed to give participants the tools to generate contracts, apply approval processes, implement guidelines which govern the relationship between contractors and contractees, administer contracts, monitor and control contract costs and minimise risks associated with contracts. The course aims at enhancing their abilities to manage and administer contracts and agreements effectively and efficiently; to develop systems to ensure control and transparency; and, to have confidence in their administrative and management systems.

The contents of this course include:

  • Contract Objects
  • Contract Creation and Input
  • Single/Multiple Contracts
  • Contract approval, authorisation and standardisation procedures
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Reporting
  • Document Tracking
  • Obligation Management
  • Cost Reduction
  • Compliance Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Contract security
  • Risk control and warranty management
  • Analysis of contract performance

Who should attend this course?
This course is aimed at those people who are responsible for the management of contracts in a company or self-employment context. The course is also designed for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of contracts and business administration. This course is ideal for individuals who are already exposed to business practices within his/her company.