FTC62 – Secretarial and Administrative Skills

This course is designed to enhance the skills of secretaries and administrators to gather, report, plan, monitor and control administrative and secretarial systems. Participants will develop the knowledge and confidence to understand and participate in company events, including customer enquiries, briefing sessions, meetings, workshops and conferences. The focus is on enabling participants to effectively and efficiently attend to the processing of necessary documents, logistics and to ensure proper communication systems related to these. Depending on the course level, research, setting personal goals, functioning within a team and understanding the overall organisational culture as well as demonstrating an understanding of employment relations will also be developed.

Topics addressed in this course include:

  • Co-ordinating minor and major events
  • Accommodation and travel arrangements
  • Planning and preparing event communications
  • Communicating verbally and non-verbally in the workplace
  • Attending to customer enquiries face-to-face, on the telephone and via email
  • Monitoring and controlling the reception functioning
  • Monitoring and researching the satisfaction of clients
  • Planning outcomes-based events e.g. meetings, workshops, conferences
  • Enterprise/ customer service and organisational culture
  • Using technologies
  • Organisational skills
  • Self-development – setting personal goals
  • Teamwork
  • Business policies and procedures
  • Taking minutes
  • Report writing
  • Understanding the relationships, roles and functions of the various company role-players
  • Information handling
  • Effective communications

Who should attend this course?
This course is aimed at any individual who is, or wishes to be, involved in the administrative and/ or secretarial functions in an organisation, company or business.