FTC74 – Marketing on a Limited Budget Workshop

This training course will translate the Marketing facet of business into a language that all can understand, by offering perfect Marketing & Business solutions which are tailor made, making Marketing that much more easier and beneficial.

The course work fills a wide role that incorporates both lateral and holistic Marketing and Business ideas , creating hands-on excitement and practical solutions around their brand or service.

What you will get out of this course:

  1. A sense of empowerment as a “smaller” business owner / entrepreneur. They will leave with a sense of worth and merit.
  2. Ability to recognize and appreciate the importance of the marketing facet within their small business, and within that recognition, they will have a better vision for what to do in any future marketing for their business.
  3. An holistic understanding of marketing
  4. Empowerment with and understanding of marketing terminology, concepts and definitions.
  5. Be Energized from a humorous standpoint to adopt a “common sense” approach to marketing.
  6. An appreciation of the importance of projecting the right image.
  7. Once having attended the workshop, delegates will be able to incorporate more creative ways of thinking within practical application, in order to promote their business.

Each delegate attending the Marketing Workshop will receive the following material:

  • In-depth details & description of the Marketing Mix
  • Description of Guerilla Marketing
  • The 10 Guerilla Marketing Secrets
  • Details pertaining to the drawing up of a Mission Statement
  • Details of what a good business card should contain
  • Listing of the Top Ten Marketing Mistakes made by small businesses
  • Listing of Top Ten Marketing Secrets
  • Listing of what an effective brand & corporate image should contain

Who should attend this course?

Target Market for the Marketing on a Limited Budget Workshop is entrepreneurs who own and manage their own business, NOT their staff, and not a person that works in a 9-5 position for corporate, BUT ALSO entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business, or who will be starting their own business soon would be perfect candidates for the workshop as well.

Course Fee: Upon request