FTC30 – Women Working with Money

Cents and sensibility. A financial management programme designed especially for women

The contents of this course include: 

Unit 1: 

  • Initial assessment
  • Following the road of self discovery: Who am I? Why do I do what I do?
  • How habits make or break you
  • Become what you want to be – it’s all about planning
  • Self acceptance
  • Debt – friend / foe?

Unit 2: 

  • Why budget?
  • The difference between having a budget and not having one
  • A simple budget for life

Unit 3: 

  • Options and possibilities
  • Savings / cash / credit card / stokvel / monthly club / current account
  • Insurance – the difference between short and long term savings
  • Run your LIFE like a BUSINESS
  • Business planning, operational and marketing plans

Unit 4: 

  • Guest speakers – Bank, Insurance and/ or Financial Advice practitioners will address participants on relevant and current financial matters
  • Final assessment

Who should attend this course?

Women who are challenged with money issues, who would like to develop more capacity and confidence to engage in financial matters. Groups should be confined to about 10 – 15 participants to ensure optimal individual attention.

Course duration:

This four unit programme can be delivered over a 2 day period of 4 sessions, each of 3 hours duration. Ideally the course should be done over 4 separate days with breaks in between to give participants opportunities to practically apply the knowledge and skills gained and to reflect on the learnings during subsequent sessions.