FTC47 – Forensic Auditing Course

This training course focuses on the forensic aspects of auditing and is designed to improve and develop skills around asset management in terms of protection and tracing, investigations concerning the legalities and protection of assets and business practices specifically as it pertains to fraud and the preventions and detection thereof.

Course topics include:

  • Developing a general understanding of what conflicts of interest and asset tracing entails
  • Defining and describing conflict of interest investigations
  • Defining and describing asset tracing
  • Developing a general understanding of what forensic auditing entails
  • Defining and describing probity checks
  • Defining and describing supplier vetting
  • Defining and describing pre-employment screening
Who should attend this course?

This Forensic Auditing Course is aimed at those who are involved in the security of company assets, prevention of fraud and detection of such. Employees who have the prospect of having these functions include in their job descriptions could also benefit from this course.