FTC144 – Fraud Prevention and Basic Forensic Auditing

Businesses of all kinds are increasingly threatened by fraud. Embezzlement, kickbacks, financial statement fraud, and vendor billing schemes are just a few of the countless economic crimes committed daily. This introductory course to fraud prevention and forensic auditing will capacitate participants to understand fraud and its prevention, as well as giving practical approaches on how to control fraud in the workplace. Participants will also be introduced to the basics of forensic auditing. As an introduction, this course covers basic management concepts as a basis from which to discuss fraud and forensic auditing.​


Units in the course

 Unit 1: Financial Management Concepts

In this introduction to Financial Management Concepts, the basic elements involved in managing the finances of organisations are covered.

Unit 2: Fraud and Fraud Prevention

In order to prevent fraud, it has to be understood. This unit defines fraud and fraud prevention and covers the critical elements involved.

Unit 3: Fraud Control Plan

This unit provides a step-by-step approach to plan the control of fraud in the workplace.

Unit 4: Forensic Auditing for Non-experts

This unit introduces forensic auditing to participants. Once completed, participants will be able to follow the steps required to do a forensic audit and investigation.


Who should attend this course?

These courses are designed for managers of all levels who play a direct and indirect role in the fraud control and forensic auditing.