FTC60 – Presentation Skills

The art of persuasion has a great deal to do with the presentation style, tone and clarity of the presenter. An effective communicator evokes confidence in a product or service. This course is designed to assist participants in the effective communication of concepts, ideas and proposals.

The contents of this course include:

1. Preparing to speak

– Dealing with fears, nervousness and  tension
– Building self confidence and good relationships 

– Showing confidence 
– Building group rapport

2. Presentation delivery skills

– Voice quality
– Confident speech 
– Positive body language 

3. Planning and structure of the presentation

– Knowing how to develop ideas
– The core needs of a good structure 
– Defining the purpose of the presentation
– Making strong opening comments 
– Developing central focus areas
– Audience knowledge and involvement 
– Effective and memorable closings
– Evaluating presentations

Who should attend this course?

The course is aimed at those who job functions require high powered communication skills including being able to present concepts, reports, proposals, ideas, etc. This is also an important skill for those involved in training and development, people who have to represent the company as well as those whose job function include negotiations.