FTC53 – Induction Course

This training Course is designed for managers who have the responsibility of ensuring that each of his/ her team members has absolute clarity and understanding of their role in the work environment. It helps to ensure that new employees or existing staff, who may have been transferred onto the team from other departments or regions, are brought fully on board as quickly and effectively as possible. Completion of this course will ensure that managers anticipate and address any barriers that may develop that could cause new team members not to make the necessary fit into the organisational culture, systems, structures and processes of the company.

Course topics include:

  • Why induction is important
  • Principles of setting up and running an induction programme
  • Different types of induction programmes (formal and informal induction)
  • Selecting appropriate and relevant induction programmers and tools
  • Purpose, advantages and disadvantages of different types of induction programmes
  • Role-players and stakeholders in induction programmes
  • Content of an induction programme
  • Induction checklists
  • Current trends in induction

Who should attend this course?

This Induction Course is aimed at managers whose function includes orientating new employees as well as existing employees to each others roles, functions and purposes. This course is a must for all members of the human resource management department. Managers who would like to develop a greater understanding of their staff compliment and need to find and develop some insights into how their team members relate to one another could also benefit from this course