Integrated Communication

Speaking, writing, reading and conducting research are not isolated pillars in communication. Therefore to become an effectiveBusiness Colleagues Working with Laptop communicator, one needs to take a holistic approach to how we integrate the various aspects of communication into our work and personal life. This course covers a range of topics that provides learners with tips on how to improve their performance in the work place by giving them the skills and strategies to incorporate communication techniques in any business, social and personal situation.

Topics include:

  • Access, Use and Manage Communication Resources
  • Formulate and Use Communication Strategies
  • Manage Professional Materials
  • From Idea to Presentation
  • Communication in the Workplace

Who should Attend this course?

This course is designed for managers and administrators who have completed 3 previous Business Communication Courses or who have an intermediate grasp of English and wish to assimilate all they have learnt into a strategic application in the workplace.