FTC15 – Organisational Forward Planning

The skills planners need to make the right decisions about the direction their company/ organisation has to take

So you have done the two day strategic plan, the report is printed (in colour), ring bounded with savvy gun mettle. An impressive content’s page open’s up to even better looking organisational development and performance charts followed by endless tables professing your organisation’s key performance indicators. More importantly, the plan has been securely locked away in the HR filing cabinet only to re-appear next year when you do it all over again. If this sounds familiar, then this introductory session on Strategic Management (not planning) is for you.

This course explores the process post strategic planning and sets out the specific organisational skills and resources that need to be in place before the plan hits the filing cabinet (again). This course is aimed at people who are responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of organisational strategic planning.

Who should attend this course?
This course is suitable for leaders and managers at all levels