FTC69 – Introduction to Leadership and Management (Short Course)

Leadership and management is essentially about having the right attitude and exercising influence to impact on decision-making processes. This course will help participant to better understand leadership and management typologies. The theory and practical exercises offered in this course are all based on the premise that leadership and management are about forming better relationships to better connect with other people. Good leaders and managers are those who have the wherewithal to build team members’, followers’ and subordinates’ capacities by providing them with the ‘spaces’ to develop to their full potential. This course offers an opportunity to explore the essence of these beliefs, to find ‘spaces’ and to implement practical steps to realise your own potential to becoming the best leader and/or manager you can be.

Sessions will focus on identifying the qualities of an effective leader/manager; identifying the leadership/management style most appropriate in your own situation; identifying basic leadership/management skills; and applying leadership/management techniques to a specific group or team.

Who should attend this course?
Middle and senior level managers who are up to the challenge of, and want to take the opportunities presented by, practically implementing the latest ideas and theories about leadership and management in the workplace.