FTC51 – Group Dynamics / Multi-Functional Teams

Groups provide organizations with an important participatory way to plan, organise and manage their work.

This course aims to give participants a better understanding of the issues and processes that occur as groups form, make decisions and deal with issues such as control, co-operation, trust, responsibility and conflict. Participants will develop an awareness of these dynamics and learn a comprehensive set of skills. The course will provide participants with a chance to reflect on their own participation in groups; apply these new understandings to their own situations; and develop their own theories, sensitivities and skills as a facilitator.

Topics covered include:

  • Key elements and basic issues in group facilitation
  • The dynamics that occur as groups form and work
  • Theories of group dynamics
  • Leadership styles
  • Facilitation of group processes
  • Responses to power and conflict

The course will be run experientially and includes group sessions, structured experiences and short theory sessions. Active participation is encouraged.

Who should attend this course?

Those working with groups in communities or organizations who wish to gain insights into their own participation in these groups, as well as the basic skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate them.