FTC55 – Integrated Life Management

This course incorporates and integrates elements of confidence building, goal setting, understanding organisational cultures, conflict management and time management. Students are given some key practical exercises that prepare them to enter and fit into the culture of corporate and business environments; spaces that they may never have been exposed to before.
Each student is provided with a journal for recording their personal reflections, journeys and experiences.

The foci for each of the sessions are as follows:

1. Confidence Building Exercises

–  Ice-breakers
–  Energizers

2. Personal Goal Setting

–  Where are you now?
–  Where do you want to be? 
–  How are you going to get there? 

3. Time Management

–  Working more efficiently 

–  Action planning 
–  Decision making 
–  Making a fresh start 
–  Overcoming time wasters 

4. Understanding Organisational Cultures

–  The corporate environment
–  Business etiquette 
–  Becoming a team player
–  Effective communication 
–  Morale, morals and corporate ethics 

5. Dealing with Conflict

–  Types of conflicts

–  Approaches to conflict reduction 

–  Managing personal conflict 

The above-mentioned foci are combined into a key focus area: Strategies for personal growth and development.

Who should attend this course?

This course is tailor-made for entry-level lower/ middle managers and technicians, whose first language is not necessarily English.