FTC56 – Making the Most of Change

Change is a fact of life.

If we know anything about the future, it is that it will be different from the present. Whatever is, will change. The only certainty is that between here and there will be a lot of change – from small and personal, to large and global. The changes we face include death, divorce, the birth of a baby, a job promotion or loss, moving to a new town or country, new technology, natural disasters or even a change in government.

Whilst the outer change from the old to the new can be fast, the inner

psychological transition takes time. This transition feels insecure, unknown and creates stress. In this course we will explore the transition period as not just a time of letting go, but also a time for creativity and renewal, for trying out new roles and routines, and exploring new ways of doing things. We will see that we can only make a new beginning if we have first made an ending and spent some time in transition.

This course gives participants a better understanding of change and teaches effective ways of managing and making the most of transition.

This practical course is run experientially and includes individual work, group sessions and short theory sessions.

Who should attend this course?

People currently dealing with change in their lives (and that is all of us!) or in their organisation. The course will enable you to: explore the nature of change; understand the stages of transition necessary for change to occur; and gain the skills which will enable you to handle change in your own life or organization.