FTC58 – Negotiation Skills

This course is designed to assist participants to develop key aspects, rules and styles of successful negotiation including arguments and counter arguments, fallback positions and creative solutions and alternatives to agreement.

The contents of this course include:

  • Identifying objectives and all factors affecting negotiation
  • Understanding the four phases of effective negotiations
  • Understanding open and hidden agendas
  • Approach, planning and preparation
  • Effective openings
  • Focusing on outcomes not positions
  • Planning workable concessions and alternatives
  • Listening, questioning and assertion skills
  • Creating a ‘win-win’ situation
  • Bargaining skills
  • Dealing with objections and underhand tactics
  • Using effective negotiation skills and behaviours to gather information
  • Managing conflict and deadlock
  • Influencing and persuading both team members and clients

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at all levels of persons who have to engage in negotiations, whether within in the workplace, communities or government processes. In other words, it is suitable for anyone who has to open and/ or close a deal. These include managers who represent the company in negations with unions, union officials, salespersons, conflict mediators, government employees engaged with communities, environmentalists, security officials, etc.