FTC63 – Team Building

This training course is designed to help members of teams become more cohesive and learns the essential aspects of effective team work. Participants focus on the skills necessary to help a team develop clarity about how well it is functioning and what it needs to increase its effectiveness. Participants will also learn key concepts and models relating to team building as a dynamic process.

The contents of this course include:

  • How groups can lead themselves
  • The pros and cons of external and internal rewards
  • The role of an effective team leader
  • The roles of team members
  • Group decision making
  • Team building
  • Communication within groups
  • How to handle conflicts of interest
  • The use and abuse of power
  • Keeping motivated and focused

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at teams or individuals who wish to explore what it means to function as a team and to learn a range of team building activities that will help their workplace teams to function more effectively.