FTC65 – Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (Short Course)

This one-day workshop is specifically designed to help individuals develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for personal and organizational effectiveness. It deals with the fundamental steps of EQ and helps leaders to understand themselves, their staff and teams of people in a tangible manner which adds value to all players whilst also helping people to be focused on the delivery of their key performance areas in a meaningful and contributory manner. Participants will gain an understanding of EQ and the various techniques that can be applied in the workplace and elsewhere to manage people effectively.

Key questions that the workshop will focus on include: What is EQ? Why bother to develop my EQ? What are the five Steps to EQ? How does my EQ stack up? What can I do to raise my EQ? How can I develop an EQ organization? Can EQ be a change management strategy?

Who should attend this course?

People wishing to explore the concept of EQ and understand how it can be used in their own lives and in the workplace.