FTC16 – Creative Writing

Explore and experiment with a creative writing project of your choice

Many of us feel the need to explore our very own creative projects, given the way the world of work and domestic life makes demands on our time and leaves little space and energy for pure self indulgence. This course (in its longer version) encourages you to pursue a writing project of your choice, and to help you explore and experiment with that genre. In the sessions, you will participate, together with fellow writers, in courses playing with different kinds of writing and discussing ideas about creativity, narrative, texts, authorship, audience and publication.

 In many ways this is not a course, where things are taught, but an attempt to create a circle of support for each other’s creative efforts.

Particular attention will be given to the reflections of published writers on their own sources of inspiration and processes of composition. These readings will be given to you. Included are extracts from Marquez’s memoir, Living to Tell the Tale; from Atwood’s Negotiating with the Dead; Rive’s autobiographical The Voice of the Black Writer in Africa; and from Lessing’s piece in Fraser’s The Pleasure of Reading. For the short course, we will read Doris Lessing’s 1971 Preface to her groundbreaking 1962 novel, The Golden Notebook.

You will need to bring a piece or extract or poem you have written with you to the first session which you could read or share with another participant, if you want to. There is no compulsion to share. If you have drawn a blank, then simply come with an empty page and a pen.

The group will be kept to a maximum of 12. We welcome creative work in any language, or a mixture of languages. If there is no-one else in the group who can read the language you use, we will attempt to get you feedback from someone who can.

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for leaders and managers at all levels