FTC20 – Theory of Self Imposed Limitations

How to recognise hurdles and to excel despite these hurdles by learning to effectively focus on real issues

Life is full of mystery, these mysteries often surface when the human psyche is unable to un-earth a character certain trait, or when some mysterious force stops you from doing something or hitting a brick-wall or not allowing you to consciously overcome a hurdle.

You will find these mysteries are repetitive in nature. Remember that these mysteries exist for a reason. There is only one way to discover the truths of life, especially those around the reasons for these mysteries that are prevalent in each and every one of us. We all have limitations in our lives, in fact many of us are quite aware of them which leads to the age-old issue of “knowing not being enough, we must acknowledge them and do something about them, if we really want to make a difference” This course is devised with a view to addressing everyone. It provides a platform for learning the secrets on how to recognise hurdles, to excel despite these hurdles by learning to effectively focus on real issues and not allow peripheral issues to be the stumbling blocks they often are. The dynamic world we live in places these hurdles in our paths frequently and it is becoming more and more of a necessity to be able to smoothly integrate between various phases of life without these hurdles actually serving their purpose. Overcome your limitations, they are ALL self-imposed and lead a more progressive lifestyle with right-brain ideologies without the left-brain constraints. Learn the secret, it will change your life forever!!!!

Who should attend this course?

This intensive course is aimed at everyone and anyone who wishes to live a more effective and fulfilling life, to enhance existing relationships, to be more effective in every facet of life. It is aimed at releasing the unwanted baggage that weighs one down and to lighten-the-load by up-skilling on how to better at absolutely “everything”, giving each decision the unhindered impetus it requires.