FTC41 – Designing Education and Training Events

Many organisations and groups need to be able to design and run educational programmes. These programmes may vary from one-off events to a series of courses or seminars covering specific topics or skills. Each such event, no matter its form or duration, requires careful planning, running, and evaluation. The design of an educational event is the first step towards creating successful educational programmes. Using a step-by-step approach to design, this course will introduce participants to the key elements of planning, running and evaluating an educational event.

Included in this process we will explore how to:

  • Determine the needs of participants
  • Set goals to meet those needs
  • Set up aims and objectives
  • Design a programme to achieve those objectives
  • Present the designed programme
  • Evaluate the event in relation to the design and the learner’s needs

The course will be run experientially and includes group sessions and short theory sessions. Active participation is encouraged.

Who should attend this course?
People who wish to design and run educational events.