FTC Learner Support Plan

FTC will make one or more of the following interventions to support learners participating in this course on an as needed basis:

  1.  We provide e-learning (web-base) support including online tutoring via telephonic, email or Skype.
  2. Learners are provided with streamlined, context-specific and detailed learning programmes.
  3. Learners undergo standardised pre-assessments.
  4. Learning support materials with formative assessment activities built into them are provided.
  5. More emphasis is placed on continuous assessment and summative is not limited to written tests and examinations.
  6. Strong emphasis is placed on communication and accountability through regular reporting.
  7. Troubleshooting is actively undertaken.
  8. Maximum guidance and support is provided to learners specifically dealing with learning and teaching methodologies and approaches.
  9. Certificates are provided for each learner.
  10. Learning outcomes are selected that meet the stated needs of the learners/ clients.
  11. All learning programmes are linked directly to the outcomes in registered unit standards that the major stakeholders find important.
  12. Core learning support material and worksheets is provided, as learners do not always have the skills or facilities to produce this on site.
  13. Guidelines for learners are provided for each learning session. This includes references to methodology, content and assessment activities.
  14. Emphasis is placed on the initial gathering, recording and filing of relevant learner information for follow-up and support purposes.
  15. Learners are provided with clear guidelines and training on assessing evidence and preparation for demonstration and observation of practices.
  16. Emphasis is placed on the enhancement of the organising skills of learners to ensure their capacity to develop and maintain their learners’ portfolios.