FTC117 – Confident Communication – Reading for Enrichment Course

This interactive course is designed for teachers to critically analyse the written word by comparing and contrasting themes and issues j0439465in text. They will also be able to respond to information with understanding in order to justify their views and opinions within the classroom context.  This course will develop their reading and research skills.

This course will be conducted over 6 sessions.



Unit 1: Basic reading techniques 
  • Reading as a form of communication
  • Improve your reading speed through Scanning; Skimming and Detailed reading
  • How to use reading time – developing good reading habits in yourself and learners

Classroom communication: Push your reading speed.

Unit 2: Reading for pleasure 
  • Improve your reading speed
  • Encourage reading: – Myself – Learners
  • Reading at appropriate levels
  • Content interest vs difficulty

Classroom communication: Learners read for pleasure and parents’ involvement.

Unit 3: Additional reading techniques 
  • Improve your reading speed
  • Improve your comprehension
  • Identifying topic sentence in paragraphs
  • Using sight words

Classroom communication: How to read aloud to learners (set the scene, expression, speed, volume, pitch and different voices.

Unit 4: Reading the visual 
  • Improve your reading speed
  • Visual literacy:  Maps, pictures, tables, graphs,  etc

Classroom communication: Visual literacy needed in your subject.

Unit 5: Reading for your profession 
  • Improve your reading speed
  • Read to improve your subject knowledge
  • School content: reading teacher’s guides, textbooks, CAPS  documents, guidelines and circulars
  • Identify and  research reading resources for your content

Classroom communication: Overwriting content so learners can read it.

Unit 6: Reading for further study and research  
  • Crediting sources
  • Compiling a  bibliography

Classroom communication: How to get your learners to research for projects and assignments.