Fairuz Mullagee

Fairuz Mullagee, a Southern African Advanced Education Fellow, has a B.Phil in Social Research Methods obtained at the University of Stellenbosch, Honours in History from the University of the Western Cape, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cape Town. She is an associate of  The Fundamentals Training Centre.

A knowledge management specialist with a pro-poor approach to human development, her special interest is methodology and monitoring and evaluation for improving efficiency. She has about twenty years of extensive research and management experience. Her work spans a broad field that includes policy design and analysis as well as implementation.

She is currently leading a research project in the Law Faculty, University of the Western Cape, to investigate the impact of national labour legislation on domestic workers in South Africa.  In 2005 she was contracted to a Ministerial Project in the Department of Home Affairs, to eradicate a backlog in processing asylum applications in South Africa.  In 2004 she was responsible for formulation of the draft Arts and Culture Policy for the Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

She was the lead researcher for the South African Women’s Budget Report 2000.

Her experience in education and development includes monitoring and evaluation of the FET (Further Education and Training) pilot programmes in the Western Cape, and her management of a National Qualifications Framework Level-4 Pilot programme on behalf of the MAPPP Seta. Her vast experience has provided her with great insight into many spheres of society and government from local to global level. It is this experience that enables her to craft innovative and sustainable solutions for a broad range of problems.