Janis Wylie

Janis Wylie is contracted to FTC to project manage UCT’s ACE: School Leadership. She has extensive experience in mentoring all levels of project managers and implementers. Until December 2007 the National Director of MSTP (Management Systems & Training Programmes); an NGO with a focus on educational leadership and management, Janis Wylie is now, as part of her professional portfolio; overseeing the management of the Advanced Certificate of Education in School Leadership at the University of Cape Town.

Educated in Scotland, with a background in Psychology and Education, Janis has over 30 years experience working in educational development at every level of the system in every province of South Africa and Lesotho.

As an accredited Project Manager, Facilitator and Assessor, she has been involved in the development of Senior Managers in the Education Department and building institutional capacity with particular reference to the implementation of the curriculum, the IQMS and the EMIS.

Prior to joining MSTP she worked for 5 years with READ Educational Trust as National Training Coordinator where she had responsibility for the quality delivery of projects.

She has developed courses in language development and classroom management, is a published author in the field of Curriculum and has completed research in the fields of Human Rights and Early Childhood Development. Currently she has completed materials development on the implementation of the National Curriculum Statement for Principals and Foundation Phase Teachers and in February 2008 her research model on School Discipline was published for use in schools following its presentation at two international conferences in 2007.

In line with her work on Human Rights, Janis is a member of the Parliamentary working Group Sub Committee on Corporal Punishment on the recent Children’s Bill.

She is a member of EMASA (Educational Management Association of South Africa) and LEAD-Link, a network of institutions from six Southern African countries that research on projects that promote educational management from a perspective that is relevant to the Southern African context.

Other work experience includes the founding of an NGO and running the Educational Development Programme of the schools run by the Anglo American Corporation.

Outside the professional arena Janis is to be found either at a dance class or an art studio where she works in oil and pastel.