Rudy Oosterwyk

Rudy Oosterwyk has an impressive track record of assisting with strategic management processes for corporates, government and communities. As an adult educator he has developed high level counseling skills

Rudy has worked in the education, training and development field for almost 12 years and holds an Advance Diploma in Education Training and Development from the University of Cape Town. He is currently the Director of the Social Process Initiative, a Cape Town based social research and development planning agency.

Rudy has undertaken large scale development planning projects for the Land Claims Commission, where his extensive and intimate understanding of group facilitation has enabled the consulting teams to navigate through difficult and often contentious planning hurdles. As a trainer, he enjoys the workshop setting and places significant emphasis on group participation and individual experiences to help shape the learning process and its outcomes. He has facilitated various training programmes for, among others, the UCT Winter School focusing on strategic planning and facilitated sessions for the City of Cape Town on issues of diversity and transformation. He also has extensive project management and development planning training experience aimed at community based organisations.

Lastly, as a development consultant, Rudy has worked closely with local municipalities in undertaking localised integrated planning work and has provided development planning advisory services, in particular, to rural municipalities.