Thulani Ndlovu

Thulani Ndlovu is an associate of the Fundamentals Training Centre and founder of Thulani Facilitates, which specialises in coaching, facilitating and strategy consulting. Thulani engages from a position of experience and knowledge – working experience in different roles and with various companies: Labourer; Corporate staff; Professional; Union member; Union leader; Manager (various fields and roles); Entrepreneur and Black Empowerment. He is also Chairman of Phambili Investments Corporation.

He has travelled extensively to countries including England, Australia, France, Germany, Tanzania, Thailand and Zimbabwe.  He shares that with each travel experience, he learns something special and that one of his fascinating lessons was from a Political Science lecturer from Jamaica who shared his view on the strategy for developing nations – agricultural self-sufficiency and an economy with minimal external dependencies.

One of his achievements has been to climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro without using any stimulant or medication.

His qualifications extend from a Bachelor of Science degree, Diploma in Coaching and a Masters Programme in Coaching, affiliated with Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.