Ashmina Singh

Ashmina_Singh_Bio pictureAshmina Singh came to Cape Town in 1998 with the intention of working to save up to go abroad but enjoyed Cape Town and working in the hospitality industry so much that she stayed, and has never looked back. She initially started working at 5 star hotels and was very fortunate to gain exposure to local and international tourists as well as the suppliers in the tourism industry. During this time she completed a Certificate in Tourism.

After having worked at an overland tour company specialising in travel to Southern and East Africa, she moved into transport and logistics at a national coach company. Initially she started as the Marketing Manager and was promoted to Operations Management. Her hunger for knowledge and to explore every aspect of travel and tourism grew and a few years later transferred to another tour operator as General Manager, where she spent the next 4 years. Her roles included Operations Management, Human Resource Management, staff training and overall general management of the business, which also included the running of offices in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. After successfully performing these duties, she joined a prestigious national corporate travel agency; with her core focus being on Human Resource Management and Training. A firm believer in lifelong learning, not only for herself but for all employees she made a valuable contribution to the skills development of the management and staff.

Ashmina joins FTC as an Associate with the role of promoting our quality training interventions, through building relationships with our clients and understanding the needs of their businesses.