FTC100 – Close Contact (VIP) protection

Close Protection is a vital domain of security as it provides protection services to public and private figures such as high-ranking corporate and governmental officials and dignitaries. The creation of a safe and secure environment for these figures is important as it creates a stable platform for them to fulfill their mandates and roles. Therefore this course plays a pivotal role in fulfilling the need for a safe and protected environment.

This course will enable learners to gain knowledge and skills to assist VIPs to live their lives in a safe and secure environment. The importance and impact of Close Protection of individuals cannot be underestimated. With current creative initiatives by corporates to make significant contributions to the economy of the country, through staging and sponsoring a wide range of events, the risk factors can be considerable. Therefore protection of dignitaries especially during the attendance of special events such as international meetings, summits, conferences, sporting events and concerts, where protection is needed for both individuals and spectators, has become of the utmost importance.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Close Contact Protection
  • The Role of the Close Protector
  • Researching Protective Risk Related Information
  • Compile a Threat and Risk Assessment for a Close Protection Operation
  • Formulating a Risk Profile
  • Plan and Prepare for a Close Protection Operation
  • Implement Close Protective Measures
  • Communicate with Role-Players within the Context of Protective Operation
  • Physical Defensive Restraining Techniques
  • Provide Close Protection in Residence, Travel and Office Situations
  • Foot Formations and Convoy Set-Ups
  • Em-Bus and De-Bus
  • Emergency Planning: Knowledge and Skill
  • Professional Conduct and Organisational Ethics
  • Tactical Mind-Set an Survival and Urban Situations
  • Identify and Explain Explosives
  • Develop an Incident Management Plan
  • Managing Conflict