FTC106 – MS Word

Microsoft Word processing is the use of computers to create, amend, and save documents for printing and record keeping for business and personal use. FTC’s MS Word courses will allow you to create a range of documents from basic documents to incorporating advanced components like tables, charts, customised formats and graphics. Participants will gain the knowledge required to fluidly navigate your way through this popular Microsoft program.

These courses are delivered in partnership with cutting-edge training providers and the relevant specialists in this field. FTC’s Quality Management Assurance ensures that the client continues to receive the highest quality service.

FTC’s offers 3 Courses in MS Word, dependant on the level of the participant i.e.

  1. MS Word Basic
  2. MS Word Intermediate
  3. MS Word AdvancedMB900422527

MS Word Basic Course

Topics include:

  • Introduction to MS Word
  • Navigation and Selection Techniques
  • Text Editing
  • Text Formatting
  • Tables
  • Page Layout
  • Proof Reading and Printing Documents
  • Graphics, Clip Arts and Formatting

 2.   MS Word Intermediate Course

Topics include:

  • Styles
  • Sections and Columns
  • Table Formatting
  • Printing Envelopes and Labels
  • Templates, Building Blocks and Document Properties
  • Graphics
  • Document Management and Revision
  • Web Features

3.   MS Word Advanced Course

Topics include:

  • Mail Merge
  • Objects and Backgrounds
  • Forms
  • Macros
  • Customisation of The Keyboard and Toolbar
  • Long Documents
  • XML Features

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at people who want to gain basic, advanced and intermediate knowledge of how to work with MS Word 2007/2010 in their daily work endeavours.