FTC107 – MS Excel

MS Excel is an electronic spread sheet program that can be used for storing, organising and manipulating data. This computer programme can be used for more than just for simple accounting functions. Excel also helps users with statistical, engineering and higher math calculations and from this information, charts and graphs can be created to make analysis more effective.

FTC’s offers 3 Courses in MS Excel, dependant on the level of the participant i.e.

  1. MS Excel Basic
  2. MS Excel Intermediate
  3. MS Excel Advanced

These courses are delivered in partnership with cutting-edge training providers and the relevant specialists in this field. FTC’s Quality Management Assurance ensures that the client continues to receive the highest quality service.


MS Excel Basic Course     

Topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • Capturing and Editing Data
  • Modifying a Worksheet
  • Using Functions
  • Worksheet Formatting
  • Printing
  • Large Workbooks Management
  • Creating Chart

2.   MS Excel Intermediate Course

Topics include:

  • Multiple Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Advanced Formatting
  • Outlining and Subtotals
  • Cell and Range Names
  • Tables and Lists
  • Internet and Web Features
  • Advanced Charting
  • Documenting and Auditing
  • Settings and Templates

 3.   MS Excel Advanced Course

Topics include:

  • Advanced Functions
  • Lookups and Data Tables
  • Advanced List Management
  • Pivottables and Pivotcharts
  • Exporting and Importing
  • Analytical Options
  • Macros and Personalised Functions
  • Conditional Formatting

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at people who want to gain basic, advanced and intermediate knowledge of how to work with MS Excel 2007/2010 in their daily work endeavours.