FTC109 – MS Access

Whether you are interested in keeping simple lists of information or building large-scale databases, the Microsoft Access database software program will be indispensable for your business. Users of this Data Management System can create tables, queries, forms and reports, and connect them together with macros. Advanced users can also write rich solutions with advanced data manipulation and user control. Access also has report creation features that can work with any data source that Access can “access”.
FTC’s MS Access Courses will introduce the participants to MS Access by learning how to set up databases and tables. They will also learn the more advanced functions like writing reports and working with macros.

These courses are delivered in partnership with cutting-edge ITC training providers and the relevant specialists in this field. FTC’s Quality Management Assurance ensures that the client continues to receive the highest quality service.

FTC’s offers 3 Courses in MS Access, dependant on the level of the participant i.e.

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  1. MS Access Basic
  2. MS Access Intermediate
  3. MS Access Advanced

MS Access Basic Course

Topics include:

  • Getting started
  • Databases and tables (US 117927, 116936)
  • Fields and records
  • Data entry rules
  • Simple queries
  • Using forms
  • Working with Reports

2.   MS Access Intermediate

Topics include:

  • Relational Databases
  • Working with Related Tables
  • Complex Queries
  • Advanced Form Design
  • Advanced Reports
  • Charts
  • Pivottables and Pivotcharts
  • Internet Integration

 3.   MS Access Advanced Course

Topics include:

  • Querying with SQL
  • Advanced Queries
  • Macros
  • Advanced Macros
  • Importing, Exporting and Linking Objects
  • Database Management
  • Security Fundamentals

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at people who want to gain basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge of how to work with MS Access2007/2010 in their daily work endeavours.