Unit 3: Innovation and Ethics

This unit will allow learners to develop their skills and knowledge as manager to create an environment that encourages an innovation order to attain desired outcomes, including customer satisfaction, and thereby contributing towards the achievement of the objectives and vision of the entity. Furthermore, the principles of ethics is explored and the effect it has on the organisation.

Modules for this unit include:

1. Innovation in the Workplace

One of the most important things organisations can do is to cultivate innovators in order to lead change. This course will equip you with the tools to analyse opportunities for innovation, develop techniques that promote creativity and lead a team through a creative thinking process. This course will serve as an engine of innovation.man-814697_960_720

The learner will gain the competency to:

  • Analyse own unit in terms of opportunities for innovation.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the techniques that promote creativity.
  • Develop a plan for creating an environment conducive to innovation.
  • Lead a team through a creative thinking process.

2. Organisational Ethics

Ethics are very important in an organisation. Ethics are the principles and values of the organisation. A code of ethics within an organisation is a set of principles that is used to guide the organisation in its decisions, programs, and policies. An ethical organisational culture consists of leaders and employees adhering to a code of ethics.

ethics-947576_960_720At the end of this module the qualifying learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrating understanding of the relationship between values, ethics and organisational culture and its impact on achieving goals and objectives.
  • Applying the concept of corporate ethics to a unit.
  • Analysing the unit in relation to the principles of corporate ethics.
  • Formulating recommendations for promoting organisational values, the code of conduct and ethical practices within a unit and entity.


Core252020Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation56
Fundamental252042Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture55