Unit 6: Teambuilding

A team is any group of people organised to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing a purpose and goals. This unit focusses on enhancing the development of teams and team members through facilitating the acquisition of skills, coaching, providing career direction, and capitalising on diversity in the unit.

Modules for this unit include:

1. Monitoring and Evaluation

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation is a strategic approach to management, which capacitates leaders, managers, at various levels with a set of tools and techniques to regularly plan, continuously monitor, periodically measure and review performance of the organisation in terms of indicators and targets for efficiency, effectiveness and impact.

At the end of this module the qualifying learner will be able to:

  • Formulate performance standards for team members in a unit.
  • Establish systems for monitoring performance of team members.
  • Prepare for a performance review of a team member.
  • Conduct a performance review interview.

2. Teambuilding

Positive teams accomplish far more than teams with low morale. It can be a challenge to reach this level of effectiveness if you’re putting together a new team, or if you’re developing an existing one. This course will provide the skills for building and maintaining an effective team.

This module will capacitate the learner to:circle-312343_960_720

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and insight into the theory of teams and the importance of teams in workplace activities.
  • Apply the theory of teams to team dynamics.
  • Explain the process of building teams.
  • Analyse the role of team leader in promoting team effectiveness.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a team and propose ways to improve team effectiveness.


Core252034Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards58
Core252037Build teams to achieve goals and objectives56