Croc E Moses

Imagine a drummer turns to poetry. That’s croc E Moses. Mysterious clever fool. Born in Sub arctic Canada, he has now been in Swaziland and South Africa for more than half his life.

His performance is rhythm driven. It is word music, the music of word, talking song, his delivery borders on incantation. With oodles of poly – rhythms, a soothing accent, and lots of words play, he draws his audience into many different ways of experiencing words. You will be inspired to listen! He takes lots of risks in his content and with his imagination. He draws upon exposure to extremes. His work is serious, sensitive, deep, sometimes profound, but equally flippant and possibly humorous! It is inspired work and it rubs off. He aspires to levity, to lift whoever is willing to listen.

Over the last ten years he has independently produced and published a volume of poetry (TWILIGHT SUNBURN, 2004), a music CD (MELLOWDRAMA, 2006) a book (THROUGH, 2008) and a Live CD (INCITE THE IN SIGHT, 2010). To date he still prints, binds and trims his first publication (TWILIGHT SUNBURN) by hand. He has offers this as a booking demonstration in his workshops.

In 2008 he was awarded a grant from the Centre of the Book (Cape Town) to print and publish his second book (THROUGH). He was also commissioned to write the opening song for the e TV documentary “Welcome Nelson” which was screened at the 20th anniversary celebration of Nelson Mandela’s release in February 2010.

He has performed a festivals, conferences, schools, open mics, fund raiser, dinner part’s, exhibition openings and solo gigs mainly in South Africa, but also as far as New York, Dublin, Copenhagen, England, Mozambique, and Swaziland!