Mark Graham

MARK GRAHAM is a motivational speaker, facilitator and specialist trainer in public speaking and presentation skills. His passion is motivational speaking and training, especially his flagship course, the Public Speaking and Presentation Skills course.

It was that most entertaining of little men Mickey Rooney who said it – “you always pass failure on the way to success”. Mark Graham has personified this adage on his way to creating his own success which is the Mark Graham series of motivational courses. Before he was 30 Mark had started three different careers in his native Port Elizabeth, bombing out in each one before he said “Enough!” and caught the train to Cape Town – and success.

As Mark puts it, “We are all different, inspired by a variety of models and mentors, and it is not necessary to fail first before you are a success, but for me failure was not only the finest teacher it was also the greatest motivator.”

Today Mark Graham has turned his experiences into creating a college of inspiration for others, packaged into a series of four motivational courses. The seminars are designed to fit the profiles of candidates who are seeking specific assistance in search of self-identity, personal development and business confidence. They are delivered by Mark Graham who is dedicated to breeding success in those who seek to be winners in whatever calling they have chosen.